Alexis D-Four

Sampled 90s Drum Module

Drum sampler with a huge 1.16GB sound library.
500 drum sounds, 3000 samples and one custom patch.

True 16-bit stereo samples bringing you classic drum sounds of the 90s.

Recorded with expensive gear and high-quality cables, yes, but no Neve consoles or Studer tapes involved. Sorry to disappoint you. ;)

I didn't just want to get the samples out of this machine, I wanted to capture and simulate the dynamic range of the device - which had an impressive -76dBfs noise floor.

Even though it was a one-shot machine, the idling noise was loud enough so that a close listener could really hear the samples fade into the noise floor differently at changing velocities.

Others have sampled D4s before, but they usually just capture one loud sample and scale its volume down for lower velocities. Which also lowers the volume of the noise floor being played back, and thereby distorting the dynamic behavior of the device. Might sound cleaner at lower volumes, but not authentic.

Younger ears used to ultra-sterile digital samples might find these sounds a little grungy and fuzzy, I find that as well. But it's not a harsh or evil fuzz, it's actually a very warm and pleasant hiss, and may just be what's missing in oh so many modern productions.