Black Noh Snare

Sampled Snare Drum

A sampled snare drum with 9 velocity layers, every velocity layer has 8 random-robin samples. And there's a subkick.

The original is played by a long-haired dude wearing a Noh mask (hence the name) in one of the most controversial bands of all time. I could have called this the "Maggot Snare" or something sic, but I think that blister already exists.

My drummer played his signature model, and I recorded these samples somewhere along the way in 2011 but never came around to actually doing anything with them.
Until now.

It's very easy to handle - load the plugin, play MIDI note D1/38 and that's it.
There are rim-shots, they get triggered by velocities of 121 and above, so don't go painting 127s and come complaining about the clicky sound. ;)
Other than that - no articulations, nothing.

As the original snare was specifically tailored to shine in a low-tuned modern metal mix, that's of course where it belongs. But feel free to use it for anything else as well, it's a pretty dynamic beast.

This particular snare model is generally relatively bright and has little low end, so I added the "+punch" Module (lower right of GUI) that will bring some serious *thump* into its sound.
If a Kick drum can be sub-kicked ... why not a snare? :)

The "Silk" controls let you torture the attack phase of the snare, for each microphone independently. Turn to the left for more click, turn to the right for more silk.

You can un-/mute the individual top or bottom microphones completely by simply clicking on them.

Have fun, and go easy on those velocities! Especially for rolls, they need to be very soft and gentle.