Satin SD2MF Presets

Preset collection

A collection of presets for u-he Satin to use on SD2 Metal Foundry's default kit.

I describe everything you need to know about these presets step by step in the walkthrough video on the right side of this page.

Here's a text description of how the presets work:

1.) Open Superior Drummer 2, load the default Metal Foundry kit.

2.) Collect all microphones for each drum piece and send them to a separate Stereo Output. I do it like this:

* all Kick mics to Out1
* all Snare mics to Out2
* all Tom mics to Out3
* HH and all Overhead mics to Out4
* all Ambience and Room mics to Out5

3.) Send each Stereo Output from SD2 to an individual Stereo track in your host and name them accordingly (so you don't forget which is which).

4.) Send all of the Stereo tracks together into a submix bus.

5.) Insert one instance of u-he Satin on each of the 5 Stereo tracks and 1 instance on the submix bus.

6.) Load my SD2MF presets into the various Satin instances.

Enjoy :)