Shure SRH840 EQ

Frequency correction presets for ReaEQ and Pro-Q2

EQ presets that help to bend the frequency spectrum of the Shure SRH840 headphone set somewhat into linearity.

Although pretty solid headphones for mixing, the Shure SRH840 set's frequency response is not quite linear. These presets will heavily EQ the signal coming out of your DAW to make up for the frequencies that the SRH840 tends to pronounce or attenuate.

Just insert Reaper's ReaEQ or FabFilter Pro-Q2 as the very last plugin in your master (or headphone monitoring bus) insert chain. Yes, even after the limiter and the analyzer. Then load the SRH840 correction preset and enjoy the more linear frequency response for better mixing results.

Please note that these presets use EXTREME settings and bend the curve a lot, so they're set up to lower the volume by -10 dBfs. This means your DAW's output signal will be quieter than before, but you can easily make up for this by turning your headphone output's volume up. Just remember to turn it down again before you bypass the EQ or load another preset. Also, if you have the EQ loaded on your master bus, do remember to deactivate the EQ before rendering. :o)

I made these for my own personal use. The SRH840 is my headphone set of choice, and ReaEQ and Pro-Q2 are my main go-to EQs, that's why I picked and created this combination. If I ever get another set of headphones or find another great go-to EQ, I might consider adding more correction curves and/or presets for more EQ plugins. But for the time being, this is it and I'm not planning on adding anything new to this package myself.

Please feel free to recreate these SRH840 curves as closely as you can in your EQ of choice and mail them to me. If they're any good, I'll gladly add them to the pack and unless you don't want it, I'll happily credit you as the creator/contributor in the .txt files.