Tiny Metal Impact

Creative sampled effects

Small metal objects colliding with each other. Coins, keys, a fork, a candy tin, even some mouse clicks and a few hits and switches from my old DI box.

Very percussive and transient-rich material, lots of clicks and ticks and so on, just the right sort of stuff to layer your drums with. Give a kick the extra click, or polish off that lame snare with a juicy "pshht".

But there are also much deeper and even bell-ish sounds in there, hats, cymbals... well, not actually hats and cymbals, but noises that could be used as hats and cymbals, or layered with hats and cymbals.

Arpeggiate some of those clicks to bring movement into your meandering ballad, liven up that lifeless anvil in your orchestral piece with a healthy "diiinggg" ... from a fork that was struck with a coin.

Maybe need something that sounds like shoes on a sandy surface? Like a blade cutting through flesh? Or maybe you're the sort of genius slash sociopath that I am, who takes a short *pop* and for no apparent reason turns it into a minute-long pad...?